Saturday, 30 July 2011

Mooring to Oban - 18th July

A late start to the weeks sailing due to the forecasted weather...which never came!! Got to the mooring late Monday afternoon to be met by glorious sun and very little wind.  Motor sailed down to Oban.  Entering Oban bay an odd site met us a big fishing boat in the middle and a RNLI boat.  I've been into Oban many times, but for some reason i got it in to my head  there were only 2 cardinal ( in fact there is 3) as that is all i could see!! The idea being buoys  2, 3 you can pass between as it is a shallow patch and a rock near the 3rd buoy.  Any way i head to wards what i though was the 2nd of 2! to leave it to my port.  Mean while i was getting distracted by the RNLI boat and the stationary fishing boat.  As i got to the buoy i suddenly realised it was a northern buoy which I should be leaving to be starboard side!  I suddenly remembered there was  3 buoys  but the fishing boat , which i now realised was aground (which was why it wasn't moving ) was block my view of the 3rd. Any way it was nearly high tide and i had 6 meters of water under me so i carried on over. But collected a friendly slapped wrist from the lifeboat for my efforts.