Tuesday, 9 October 2012

7th Oct - Heading back

To ensure  i got back out under the bridge on what was a rising tide, i got up and headed off in the dark at 7.00am  - all else in Bed other than Gordon who joined me.  A degree of relaxation returned once i was back under that bridge, again seemingly very close.

I was worth the early start to catch the rising sun on the mountain ahead us. Motored all the way as there was not a puff of wind on what was a nippy clear morning.

Morning Light

A October Sky

Stopped at Shuna again where amazingly we we stripped most of the contents of the boat in to our two cars before PaM and Gordon headed off back to Ewen's by car and  Shahid and myself took Grania around to the yard   

Paddling Lessons
A well earned Treat - if rushed by some :-)

6th Oct - Glencoe - Loch Leven

Nipped back to Shuna to pick up Gordon and Shahid before heading up to Glencoe. Great sail in 15 Knot s of wind all the way until just before the Ballachulish bridge 16m clear at HAT but seemed very close when Grania went under which is also 16M + an Antenna.  Greta place grabbed a bouy at the Glenncoe sailing club and and a leisurely lunch of what was left on boat !!  Roles, tuna, mixed soup & spam  washed sown with red wine  - style or what !

Headed a shore later to the local hotel for Dinner ( more food !!) and  Drink - got kicked out due to a fire alarm, fire engines & the works turned up  - eventually got back in.  
Relaxed Skipper!
One last fish
Shahid in his normal position :-)

5th Oct - Loch Corrie

Nipped up for the last weekend of the Season to before i left Grania  At yard to be lifted out. Pam and myself headed over to Loch Corrie for a quiet evening. David Punton And friend Dougie were also in the loch so popped over for a night cap that went on to near midnight. Next morning was lovely which is when the pictures were taken.
Dave's boat Kittiwake