Saturday, 7 June 2014

Nearly in! Grania ready to go

Antifouling...nice look!

Grania Polished and Ready
Nearly in the water. The weather has not been kind so far getting up to work on the boat has not been great. But  we are there. Grania is ready to launch. I must have done 1000 miles in the last 4 weeks or so going up there and back.  Anyway Ewen is going to put her in and plan is  to pop up again with volunteers to move her.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

29th June - Mooring to Loch Chorie

Loch Chorie
  Lovely evening did my back in within 10 mins of being on the boat :-(    Mooring line was tight and I snatched at it as I tried to sweat it off. = buggered . Went across to Loch Chorie spent evening on back and no sailing the next day Just spent day at the mooring in the sun doing odd jobs and headed back sunday pm.

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