Saturday, 17 July 2010

16th July Friday

Forecast weather looked promising for a dash across the to the Outer Hebrides so we left at 9.15am (saw 6 dolphins) once out in to the Minch It was evident that the weather was getting worse quicker than expected , so a call to the Stornaway coast guard confirmed a gale warning was imminent so we turned tale and head back to the Dunvegan followed by two yachts! And sure enough it arrived! Look’s like we will be in Dunvegan for a while longer. As more weather was expected.  Popped over to the village get a few bits to see us out.  Popped to in to the local bar and met up with the fisher men we had seen on the way out and back, as they finished early as well, caught up wit the local gossip!! Forgot to mention met up with some from work last night , he comes from Dunvegan! One of those weird I recognise the face but the place was  wrong.  Picture Pam getting some quiet time  J

15th July Thursday

Dunvegan Castle

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

14th July Wednesday - Dunvegan

Slow start to today, took bus into Portree to see if I could get a replacement charger for my phone as I can only use it on the boat with a cable that gives it power but won't charge it! No joy :-( had a wander about. Currently back on boat. Wind is up so staying put tonight and possibly tomorrow due to weather - to be reviewed am. As am keen to get across to North Uist and Loch Maddy. Let's see!

13th July Tuesday - on route to North Skye

Did the same thing to Pam as I did to the guys from the forge. Talked about leaving 7.00am woke earlier and I was off the mooring and away by 6:15am! Pam still in her bed ! All was still out there and I felt a passage around north Syke was on! We crossed the inner sound in sun light and silky still water. We were at Raasay by 9.00am. Which was good as they were doing firing exercises in the restricted area, and we would have had to have gone round it rather than straight across when the navy boys were still having breakfast! We crossed up into the sound of Raasay and headed north to the top of Skye (still motoring) saw seals and either a dolphin or Minke whale as it was only showing its dorsal fin we were'nt sure. Need to polish up our cetaceans spotting skills. Tide was bang on went round top end of Syke at 8 knots with the tide similar story as we down the Minch at 6.5 - 7 knots . Picture is off Dunvegan head. As we headed into the loch. Managed to grab the last mooring , of two across from the Dunvegan hotel a classic example of a fawlty towers hotel frozen from the 80's with it's own Sybil!!

12th July Plockton

Red sky at night Shepards delight looking good for tomorrow!

12th July Plockton

Pam getting fully into holiday mode. Decided to stay an extra day as weather was glorious. And a chill out day sounded good. Had several fishing sessions through day no joy :-( decided on a mini cruise around plockton by dinghy with Pam at the helm. Packing up to night for an earlier start tomorrow. Heading up to Raasay may headon over Skye if weather remains good

Monday, 12 July 2010

9th July - Drying out in Plockton

Drying Out