Saturday, 30 July 2011

Oban to Tayvallich - 19th July

Route Oban to Tayvallich

8 o'clock start, in order to catch the turn of the tide at down at the sound of Luing. Got there  just as it turned.  We shot down doing 12.6 knots over the ground with just the Genoa up . ( see pic of GPS).

We then and a lovely lazy sail and motor at times down to Tayvallich.  We were fortunate to grab one of last visitor mooring bouys as i didn't fancy anchoring there as it's a very busy little place.  We'd been there year back when we hired a cottage so this was the first time back, so we went ashore and for coffee and a shower in the cafe before a stroll about, which included booking a table at he restaurant for later that night .