Saturday, 19 October 2013

6th Oct - Tobermory back to Loch Creran

Another great morning got all set up to do oil change only to find the pump did not work :-(  So topped up with fuel and headed off.

On board hoodie

Nat with Shahids hat :-)))
 Sail was fantastic blue skys, wind & no clouds  what more ( heat prehaps)

5th Oct - Loch Clorie to Tobermory

Up earlier to be met buy a glorious morning .

Slight swell had been coming in to the loch over night into the morning, as we left the mooring and head out of the loch. Became very obvious as to why.  A healthy 5 was blowing and raising some short chop to deal with.

First Watch to Shahid

As we got around into the Mull the swell went as did the wind for a while, until we got up to Loch Aline where it picked up and we had a good run up to Tobermory.

The Mull rally was on  - where they shut down the roads for most of the weekend. The Car park by the pontoons  was handed over to the cars to get them ready etc..

All in the best possible taste!
Wander about before Dinner
We had a fantastic meal in cafĂ© fish -again before retiring to the Mishnish....
The wee room in the Mishnish
...then the boat :-)

4th October - Mooring over to Loch Clorie

Last sail of the season - Finally got Shahid & Nat out . Took Friday pm off so we could get on boat sharpish and nipped over to Loch Chlore.  Had it all to ourselves.

Weekend gets underway