Tuesday, 9 October 2012

7th Oct - Heading back

To ensure  i got back out under the bridge on what was a rising tide, i got up and headed off in the dark at 7.00am  - all else in Bed other than Gordon who joined me.  A degree of relaxation returned once i was back under that bridge, again seemingly very close.

I was worth the early start to catch the rising sun on the mountain ahead us. Motored all the way as there was not a puff of wind on what was a nippy clear morning.

Morning Light

A October Sky

Stopped at Shuna again where amazingly we we stripped most of the contents of the boat in to our two cars before PaM and Gordon headed off back to Ewen's by car and  Shahid and myself took Grania around to the yard   

Paddling Lessons
A well earned Treat - if rushed by some :-)

6th Oct - Glencoe - Loch Leven

Nipped back to Shuna to pick up Gordon and Shahid before heading up to Glencoe. Great sail in 15 Knot s of wind all the way until just before the Ballachulish bridge 16m clear at HAT but seemed very close when Grania went under which is also 16M + an Antenna.  Greta place grabbed a bouy at the Glenncoe sailing club and and a leisurely lunch of what was left on boat !!  Roles, tuna, mixed soup & spam  washed sown with red wine  - style or what !

Headed a shore later to the local hotel for Dinner ( more food !!) and  Drink - got kicked out due to a fire alarm, fire engines & the works turned up  - eventually got back in.  
Relaxed Skipper!
One last fish
Shahid in his normal position :-)

5th Oct - Loch Corrie

Nipped up for the last weekend of the Season to before i left Grania  At yard to be lifted out. Pam and myself headed over to Loch Corrie for a quiet evening. David Punton And friend Dougie were also in the loch so popped over for a night cap that went on to near midnight. Next morning was lovely which is when the pictures were taken.
Dave's boat Kittiwake


Saturday, 1 September 2012

25th August - From the Mooring to Poldoran

Had Hauke from Work over - so headed up early Saturday, and had a wonderful sail with the wind off the starboard quarter. 7+ Knots most of the way. Sailing down the side of Lismore. A little over cast but Sun came out once we go to Poldoran.

Porpoise around the boat

Dermot & Hauke

Grania in the foreground

The sun going down


21st August - Salem to Loch Aline

(updating after the event).

Day started of Dull but pottered up Sunart with some sail every now and again. Exploring Drumbuie Bay on route them head down the Mull.  Sun eventually came out and we got the cruising sail up as well.

Crew Uniform !!!

The sail ! Love playing with it

Monday, 20 August 2012

19 August - Grania parked up at Salem

Crew resting on route to Salem after a rough morning
Breakfast being prepared
Grania (white dot in middle) moored up Salem

Long slog over from Canna . Tried to beat but forecasted southern came round to a southeastern and the died so motored most of way to Sunart

Sunday, 19 August 2012

August 18 - On route to Canna

No one can look at the driver!!

Happy Crew !

Thoughtful Crew

Canna Bay

Crew Grania
A fast and wild (at times) ride to Canna - went north of Rum 25+ knots of wind until we came round the western tip of Rum and had a beat down to Canna where is rose to 30+ knots over the deck. With Three reefs in and most of the Genoa rolled away = fun 

Had some porpoise following us for a while which distracted every one for 10 mins.

Got to Canna and as you can see the sun came out.  Went ashore for a couple of drinks in the only Pub, Cafe, shop, restaurant on the island.     

Saturday, 18 August 2012

August 17 - on route to Arisaig

Concentrating on the cruising shute.!!

Becalmed outside Arisaig! Amusing ourselves

Thursday, 16 August 2012

August 16 - Tobermory

Mixed day. - 30 knots to 3.5 but nice day. G Caught 9 fish all wee!!  Off to pub in Tobermory


Friday, 27 July 2012

27th July... Third!! Arbeg

... once you have done one they are all the same .. but this one did nice lunch...even if it was 15.00 ...got a taxi back :-)

27th July.. second stop!!!!

...joking we kept on walking off the effects of the first stop :-)

27th July - A wee look about Islay...

.got a mile up the road (on foot) first stop.. sampled before during and after tour.

Thursday 26th July - Port Ellen

Lovely sail across from Gigha to Islay not fast 4/5 knots but in sunshine until the wind died. Managed to grab last berth in a very tight space thankfully as the visitor or anchoring spots were way out in the bay.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

View from pub to bay on Gigha

I have pint of guinness in hand

Monday, 25 June 2012

Weekend 23 rd June

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

On way back to mooring 21st May

Started promising with 20knots of wind went to 5 or less and dead flat But with clear blue sky. 

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Dam got the tide wrong.!!

Lazy morning around Tobermory, coffee shops avoiding the hundreds of 60++ just deposited by a crusie ship. Eventually left about 12.30 for a great sail down to Loch Aline.  Where we grabbed a berth. 

Saturday, 19 May 2012

10.30pm Tobermory

Last shot before we head to bed. Just thinking about getting dark!

Tobermory Sun going down.

Cafe Fish was full so had fillet Steak on board ! And watched the sun go down

Gesendet von meinem Motorola Telefon

May 19th off to boat

Decided to b&b it at Glencoe as friday was miserable and was not sure how we would get out to the boat.  Arrived in rain and awoke to this. Just had full Scottish breakfast and off to the boat. Plan to head up to Tobermory looks like it will be a nice sail

Monday, 30 April 2012

Grania is taken round to Linnhe 29th April

Nipped up to the yard with Gordon driving a nice treat for me:-)  
 Pete and myself moved Grania round to the mooring. Blue skys every where, but a bit nippy!  Had some issues with the transducer which finally (hopefully) got sorted.  

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Final prep before she goes in

Went up with Dave and Pete to install the new batteries and go up the mast to get the old radar cable out as the connector had fallen to bits and the old cable was now to short to connect a new connector.   Also loaded up boat up with all its stuff! Marked out the new chain, and go the sails on etc..  Shame tides were not right to go in. Have to order a new cable for radar that will take a few weeks i guess. But will go in anyway.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

New season 2012

Another season kicks off, and again must thank Gordon and Pete for helping Grania look as good as this;

 We went up 17 th March and stayed over night  Soooo Cold minus 3-5 the deck was an ice ring.  and the inside was not much better!!