Sunday, 23 August 2015

Loch Aline to mooring 23 Aug

Weather forecast for he Sunday was having increasing wind backing to the E - N/E  - Decided to head off a bit sharpish before it picked up  9.00am .  All was fine til we turned the corner to head up Loch Lhinne .   The wind was building quicker that expected 30+ Knots and that coupled with the tide and fetch resulted with plenty of sharp steep waves 2/3 meters at times.   Plan was to get across to  the shelter of Lismore and head long it back to the mooring. Progress was slooooow stationary at times.  Was actually considering turning back for shelter, at one point rather than have the constant battering for no gain. Decided to give it til the tide changed which meant it and the wind were in the same direction and the waves should reduce... which happen .  The sun was out the whole time which made it much more bearable and the wind was warm !!

Got back to the mooring about just after 14.00 and headed home - but with accident on the roads didn't get back til 18.00+

loch Aline 22 Aug

Lazy Sunny morning had a wander around Tobermory before heading off at about 10.30 -11 for what was a great sail down to Aline. Tacking all the way so took a while but the sun was out and the sailing was good. Got to Aline about 16.00 - and ended up on the pontoon next to the same neighbours as Tobermory .

Dinnered on board with the chilli and then off to the working mens club :-) for a swift couple - all wanting a slight quieter night than the previous.

Outside the Working Mens Club - Aline

WiFi at Loch Aline

Weather picked up later that night having me out to reset and add to the springs as the boat had moved closer to the pontoon as the spring and stretched .