Friday, 12 July 2013

11th July - Lochaline to Home

Awoke to more fog at the entrance of Lochaline - eventually left at 10 am and fog cleared as we got out in to the Mull. But sadly no wind.

Pam Chilled at the wheel ..look no hands :-)
 Water was very flat but quite a few Porpoises around us feeding.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

10th July - Left Coll for Lochaline

Following morning awoke to more fog outside Coll Harbour decided to go for a wander on Coll while it cleared.  Which it did not really do well just enough to see the way out!!!  
View over Coll Harbour to the fog bank!!

Eventually left Coll about 11 in to fog which stayed with us to North of Mull

North End of Mull Emerging from the fog
 Wind eventually kicked in, sails went up and decided as sailing was so good to not bother with Sunart but just keep going.

Some local Traffic!

Marquee on the water!
When Pam said there was a marquee coming down the Mull on the water I thought she had hit the sauce early :-) how wrong could I be!!!!

Anchored next to a classic .... Wreck
Pulled into Loch Aline - Pontoons were over flowing never seen anything like it, so headed up the loch next to the above, occupied by local seagulls

Evening shot

9th July - Moidart to Coll

Eventually left Moidart once Fog lifted - and had couple of hours of sunshine - but little wind before we disappeared into thick fog. First time I had been in fog so thick and so extensive. Glad I got the radar fixed - worked a treat spotted other yachts miles out before they got near us - and the Coll Ferry as well !!! 
Fog starting to arrive!!!
Arrive in Coll to a clear island !!!  Looked very much like West Coast of Ireland = rock.
Got a shore for a walk and dinner at the Coll Hotel   
Why did the hedgehog cross the road ?

Dermot out for the count!

Pam relaxed after a day in fog!!!

8th July - Moidart

Left Tobermory at 7 am for what turned out to be a motor sail to Moidart plenty of sun shine just little wind. Got a nice spot, and were eventually joined by a few others. Took ourselves to be the Castle, for a look about and then motored up the rest of the loch in the dinghy for a look

Dinner - Al Fresco Moidart
The big View - Moidart
Grania Tucked in for the night
Looking Back up Moidart past the castle

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Fish n ships

Dermot caught dinner, mackerel served with lemon, olives and brown bread. Eating al fresco such a rare occasion :-)

7th July Cafe Fish

Before Lunch!
Gorgeous sunny day in Tobermory. Lunch of Moules and Langoustine outside Cafe Fish. Followed by Wimbledon Men's Final at the Mish Nish - won by Andy Murray!!!!!!

Lunch !!!!

After Lunch !