Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sept 25th - Linne to Puilladobhrain

Up the friday night with Gordon & Pete for a planned early start. But sun was out and wind was little so left later than planned,  in next to no wind. But got a opportunity to fly the cruising sail for the first time. Piece of cake, and great fun. As you can see plenty of blue sky, but with a northerly wind, a tad cool. Drifted around fishing off the end of Kerrera where I caught a couple of very small mackerel.  Anchored at Puilladobhrain. lovely sunny evening.  friend Dave Punton and his crew were at anchor there as well, and joined us for dinner. Head off next day back to the mooring

Monday, 23 August 2010

22nd August loch Corrie to Linne marine

Late start after a mega breakfast. Left loch corrie at 11 am for a lovely sail across to the mooring. Had a couple porpoise do a small display off the back of the boat.

I've added above a small something i pulled together of the trip with Kieran & Gerard

21st August Oban

Wind still about so went for a walk on Kerrera, very nice. Left Oban eventually at 13.00 with three reefs and a small hanky flying at the front. Still did 7 knots across to Lismore lighthouse. Turn north up towards Loch Linnie. Had a lovely sail as wind reduced. Pulled into Loch corrie, and grabbed a buoy. Lovely place, booked a meal at the boat house, which was very good, even though the rain came back for our transition from boat to restaurant.

Friday, 20 August 2010

20th August Oban - Trip with Kieran & Gerard

Started morning with no wind and still water. Motored out off linnie and past Port appin. Shortly afterwards let genoa out in 12 knts of wind. Wind picked up very quickly and coast guard announced force 7 to 8 plus due. So decided to head to oban. Rain and wind arrived visability disappeared! Got into oban and got place in marine. And not so long after did the sun not come out. Bizzare! Went over to oban for walk about,beer etc.. .saw this great yacht, you would think we were in the med!
Kieran bought some mussels which we had followed by curry!!! More wind has arrived ( nothing to do with meal!) can hear it howling out side and the waves are hitting the boat like a hammer. Hope I can get some sleep much creaking, slapping & howling and that's just the neighbours!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

22nd July Thursday

Got a away from Canna Thursday am in 20 knots of wind from the North East = Good sailing.  The sun came out and the wind calmed down a bit, dying for a while but then picked up again to circa 12 knots from behind. Decide not to stop at Tobermory ( been there to many times and in looked busy as we sailed past) so carried on down the Mull to the mooring, Getting in just after 8.00pm ( 12hrs sailing) and we tied up and launched the dinghy in record time to get to the local restaurant to catch last orders for food  at 8.45.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

21st July Wednesday -Isle of Canna

What a night!!! From the wonderful previous evening, by 01.00am the weather turned quite nasty. Winds increased to force 6/7 with gusts of 34 knots (Gale 8). Got up at 02.30am to check boat was holding on it's anchor. It was, phew!! BUT it was not the same case for some others who, had started to drift and, boats were drifting about the anchorage trying to get their anchors back in. I decided to stay up on deck to keep an eye on things, as i didn't fancy  someone hitting us or us starting to drift. However my recently designed and purchased riding sail stopped the boat from yawing about and potentially, pulling the anchor up as it has the potential to do. Best spent money !  Morning came but the wind continued all day! But by now i was confident we weren't going any where.  That was until some boats arrived late after noon from the Clyde cruising club ( what they were doing out in that weather i don't know)  But with all the boats already in and the wind still blowing that had a night mare trying to anchor as the only spots left had a lot of weed, (not good for Anchoring)  Some were taking over an hour to anchor dropping and lifting the anchor several  times. One guy  was still at it 2.5 hours later and finally gave up and tied up the ferry terminal.  Another night was with me on anchor watch in case other drifted as by now i was more confident we were staying still. All was well !

20th July Tuesday -Isle Of Canna

Finally escaped Dunvegan, with another early start along with  the local fishermen. Have seen enough of Skye for at least 10 years!!! -  Again very little wind, so motor sailed most of way.  Got to Canna mid afternoon, and there was only a handful of boats ( that Changed - as did the weather, from this lovely view) Had a great walk about the island. Which now has about 20 folk on it down from, the 436 in it's hey day!, but they have 4 Churchs to look after their souls. BUT they had a recently open  restaurant, which was very nice.  Got back t the boat, later by which stage we had been joined by others.

Monday, 19 July 2010

19th July Monday -Dunvegan

Returned car this morning and the lady ran us down by car to the bus stop. Avis never do anything like that for me! In fact all the folk we have come across have been great, willing to help, suggest places have a chat. The weather starting to look better so stocked boat up with fuel and water as planning an early start. Then lay about reading/sleeping /fishing. In the sun. Planning on going to Canna tomorrow .

18th Sunday - Dunvegan

Did tour off island went over to the east Isle Oransay and Armadale! The across and up to Uig which was Ugh! Went for a lovely meal in the old school house as recommended by the locals in the bar! And managed to navigate back to the boat. Can't imagine what our neighbours thing we have been coming and going all week!! While they've remained on board... bit strange!

17th July Saturday - Talisker Distillery

Decided to hire a car as it was cheaper than a taxi for one trip to Talisker. Infact we got it from Saturday 13.00 to 10.00 on the 19th (as they were shut on the Sunday) Any way drove over to Talisker, and sampled did tour and bought bottle! Picture is off the oldest cask 1979 which sold for £215 per bottle ! Seems young compared to brandies in France that go back to the II world war! Drove about after that. Sun was out by the pm.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

16th July Friday

Forecast weather looked promising for a dash across the to the Outer Hebrides so we left at 9.15am (saw 6 dolphins) once out in to the Minch It was evident that the weather was getting worse quicker than expected , so a call to the Stornaway coast guard confirmed a gale warning was imminent so we turned tale and head back to the Dunvegan followed by two yachts! And sure enough it arrived! Look’s like we will be in Dunvegan for a while longer. As more weather was expected.  Popped over to the village get a few bits to see us out.  Popped to in to the local bar and met up with the fisher men we had seen on the way out and back, as they finished early as well, caught up wit the local gossip!! Forgot to mention met up with some from work last night , he comes from Dunvegan! One of those weird I recognise the face but the place was  wrong.  Picture Pam getting some quiet time  J

15th July Thursday

Dunvegan Castle

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

14th July Wednesday - Dunvegan

Slow start to today, took bus into Portree to see if I could get a replacement charger for my phone as I can only use it on the boat with a cable that gives it power but won't charge it! No joy :-( had a wander about. Currently back on boat. Wind is up so staying put tonight and possibly tomorrow due to weather - to be reviewed am. As am keen to get across to North Uist and Loch Maddy. Let's see!

13th July Tuesday - on route to North Skye

Did the same thing to Pam as I did to the guys from the forge. Talked about leaving 7.00am woke earlier and I was off the mooring and away by 6:15am! Pam still in her bed ! All was still out there and I felt a passage around north Syke was on! We crossed the inner sound in sun light and silky still water. We were at Raasay by 9.00am. Which was good as they were doing firing exercises in the restricted area, and we would have had to have gone round it rather than straight across when the navy boys were still having breakfast! We crossed up into the sound of Raasay and headed north to the top of Skye (still motoring) saw seals and either a dolphin or Minke whale as it was only showing its dorsal fin we were'nt sure. Need to polish up our cetaceans spotting skills. Tide was bang on went round top end of Syke at 8 knots with the tide similar story as we down the Minch at 6.5 - 7 knots . Picture is off Dunvegan head. As we headed into the loch. Managed to grab the last mooring , of two across from the Dunvegan hotel a classic example of a fawlty towers hotel frozen from the 80's with it's own Sybil!!

12th July Plockton

Red sky at night Shepards delight looking good for tomorrow!

12th July Plockton

Pam getting fully into holiday mode. Decided to stay an extra day as weather was glorious. And a chill out day sounded good. Had several fishing sessions through day no joy :-( decided on a mini cruise around plockton by dinghy with Pam at the helm. Packing up to night for an earlier start tomorrow. Heading up to Raasay may headon over Skye if weather remains good

Monday, 12 July 2010

9th July - Drying out in Plockton

Drying Out

Friday, 9 July 2010

8th July - The Forge pub

View from our table at the Forge
The Forge the middle of no where pub! We left Left (escaped) Arisaig into a lively seas, but had a great sail upto the forge, wind and sun all the way. And it got better! On shore several beers later pre dinner drinks ! Then ate in Forge -nice. The picture is our view from our table. Earlier start tomorrow!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Another lunch at Arisaig!

Owen and Gordon taking the sun and WIND... still plenty of it.

6th July Arisaig

Got out of Tobermory at 7.30am before the storm came. Had a slow rolling ride around Ardnamurchan point and motor sailed down to Arisaig, with a few mild cases of mal de mer after a breakfast on the move . Anchored up in Arisaig but to far to motor a shore 4 up in a building wind.
Instead we ate drank and slept!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

5th July Tobermory

After a long motor sail into a 30 mph wind from Loch Linnie finally got Tobermory and managed to bag a spot on a pontoon. And the sun came out!! Gordon knocked us up an excellent steak plus, before we headed for rhe pub. Early start am as we head to Arisaig and aim to beat the next chunk of weather.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Oban June 2010

Here we are enjoying the June sunshine in Oban bay, After a lovely sail down from the mooring