About Graina

Grania is a Moody 376 designed by Bill Dixon and built in 1989 by Marine Projects (Plymouth) Limited. We got her in Oct 2008 and brought her to the Westcoast of Scotland. Below are some pictures of what she looks like.

The day she got her new name.

Center Cockpit

Captains Cabin

Engine for manoeuvring and non wind days

Navigation table (office)


Forward Berth

Eating, drinking & sleeping area!

The boring stats bit

LOA Metric: 11.53m                                      LOA Imperial: 37'10"
LWL Metric: 9.53m                                       LWL Imperial: 31'3"
Beam Metric: 3.81m                                      Beam Imperial: 12'6"
Draft Shoal Metric: 1.37m                             Draft Shoal Imperial: 4'6"
Draft LiftingKeel Metric: 1.22m                   Draft LiftingKeel Imperial: 4'0"
Draft Fin Metric: 1.68m                                 Draft Fin Imperial: 5'6"
Displacement Metric: 7373 kg                      Displacement Imperial: 16,250 lbs
Ballast Metric: 2950 kg                                 Ballast Imperial: 6500 lbs
Water Metric: 250 ltr                                     Water Imperial: 55 gal / 66 US gal
Fuel Metric: 204 ltr                                         Fuel Imperial: 45 gal / 53 US gal
Mainsail Metric: 27.36m2                                        Mainsail Imperial: 294 sq ft
Working Jib Metric: 32.05m2                                Working Jib Imperial: 345 sq ft
Storm Jib Metric: 10.22m2                                      Storm Jib Imperial: 110 sq ft
No2 Jib Metric: 19.93m2                                          No2 Jib Imperial: 214.5 sq ft
No1 Genoa Metric: 49.61m2                                  No1 Genoa Imperial: 534 sq ft
No2 Genoa Metric: 42.27m2                                  No2 Genoa Imperial: 455 sq ft
I Metric: 14.33m                                             I Imperial: 47'
J Metric: 4.57m                                              J Imperial: 15'