Why the Name?

There are a couple sources for the origin of the name, one from the history of Ireland and the other from the Mythical legends/Stories... Take your pick?

Grania O'Malley Female Irish Pirate Born 1530

Grace O'Malley was an Irish chieftain who lived/traded/pirated along the coasts of the west of Ireland, especially mayo and Galway. her base was on Clare island in mayo. famous for her skills as a weather forecaster (essential in a sea-faring community), a warrior, diplomat -(she visited the court of Elizabeth 1 in London) merchant (trading with France and Spain mostly).

She was a real person and was given pardon by Elizabeth the first of England for her past raiding of British ships in return for Grainne agreement to only raid the French frigates in future.

O'Malley coat of Arms

Terra Marique Potens. -- Valiant by Sea and Land.

The Mythical Story

A typical lover in Irish legend and the hero of the myth of Dermot and Grania. One night Dermot and three companions entered a hut for a night's shelter. In the hut lived an old man, a young girl (Youth), a wether (the World), and a cat (Death). During the night, the girl put the love-spot on Dermot's fore-head, and thence forth it was said, no woman could see him without loving him. He came to be loved by Grania, the betrothed of, Finn Mac Cummel and she forced him to run away with her.