Tuesday, 13 August 2013

12th August - port appin

Headed up from Oban to Port Appin  in a stiff breeze - two reefs in and a few roles in the genoa. But still doing 6 knots, but lovely balanced did not need to touch the wheel.
3/4 of the team

A few adjustments
10 min later and we would have waded!
Went to the Pier Bar for Dinner  And watched as Hi tide covered pier end lucky we left when we did

Another Arty Pic from Owen


Monday, 12 August 2013

11th Aug. - Oban

Suitably recovered after our stay in Tobermory head off with Original plan was for Seil Island but forecast with strong winds forecasted from the NW, changed the plans to Oban that and lighter winds earlier on .  BUT great sail got in to a un official race with another boat which we left behnd after superior tactics to run down the West side of the Mull where both tide and wind are slightly accelerated.

Catching the rays with boat beaten in the distance

Arty Picture By Owen

Pete concentrating


Sunday, 11 August 2013

10th August - Tobermory

Could not leave Coll soon enough - strong desire by all not to return with that anchorage. Vote had us going back to Tobermory, for showers .
Could not get in to CafĂ© fish - so had wicked chilli made By G - but popped into Mishnish for a few !!  Then nipped back after Dinner for couple more and darts .
First phone Signal in Days :-)

Kate Winslet in Oils

9th August - Coll

Headed out north of Canna to outer Hebrides...BUT wind decided against it straight from the West. ON the nose with rough seas to boot.  So was not long before we decided to head to Coll.  Seas were bad cork screwing most of the way - Had to rig a preventer as rolling seas kept the boom swinging across.
Had a group of Porpoises join us - excellent.   Eventually got to Coll where we anchored up. Sea was rolling in however.  Headed up to the hotel for couple of pints but all were knackered.  Which was only added to with the rolling seas at night - much sleep was lost.
Where are we?

Who is he?

Chilled at 35 degrees

8th August - Canna

Got up sharpish and left for Canna via Tobermory for fuel and a few bits.  After Tobermory Motor sailed most of way to Canna , Quite uncomfortable yet wind picked up which helped us in for the last few miles. As the wind was forecasted for 6/7.

Bad news was restaurant was shut no longer in business so little reason to go to shore on a deteriorating evening. Seal came to visit for food .


Rhum  in the distance