Thursday, 8 June 2017

May 26th weekend (late update)

Headed up to the boat Friday Pm - lovely evening came along side sorted ourselves out then headed down to the pub. Gorgeous evening and in terms of steak one of the best that evening up in my top 5!!

  Next morning very hot  - headed up the mast to put wind instrument up there - getting quite practised but should be careful don't get to relaxed about that!!  

 Headed down to Puilladobhrain to play with new windlass - weather deteriorated as in Sun disappeared, few boats about. Initial anchoring spot we had to move from - as boat drifted in totally different direction to our neighbour!! But windlass made it so easy  :-)  decided not to go ashore as it was wet - spent evening on boat - unusually the boat was not as extensively stocked as normal so we scrapped together a meal along with wine.

Next morning got all sail up had a stonking sail back up even the sun was out  had one reef , as wind was up to 20 + at one point and Grania needs a reef between 10 -15knot if you want to stay balanced. New sail was sweet -