Thursday, 24 September 2015

20th Sept - Oban Back to Mooring

Up relatively early and headed off as weather was due to change - Got a bit of help from the wind - And managed to have the Genoa up for a while.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

19th Sept - Motored down to Oban

No wind motored down to Oban pottered about then had a bucket load of Mussels .. along with a nice Reisling.

Tucked up  with a good book 
A Bucket load of Mussels!

Saturday, 19 September 2015

18th Sept - Sunny Evening at Mooring

Got up to boat just after 17.00 decided to stay put and enjoy the weather and the wonderful Star filled skys.
View south of the Mooring

Before the Sun Set

Joined by a Hold and very Smoky Puffer

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Loch Aline to mooring 23 Aug

Weather forecast for he Sunday was having increasing wind backing to the E - N/E  - Decided to head off a bit sharpish before it picked up  9.00am .  All was fine til we turned the corner to head up Loch Lhinne .   The wind was building quicker that expected 30+ Knots and that coupled with the tide and fetch resulted with plenty of sharp steep waves 2/3 meters at times.   Plan was to get across to  the shelter of Lismore and head long it back to the mooring. Progress was slooooow stationary at times.  Was actually considering turning back for shelter, at one point rather than have the constant battering for no gain. Decided to give it til the tide changed which meant it and the wind were in the same direction and the waves should reduce... which happen .  The sun was out the whole time which made it much more bearable and the wind was warm !!

Got back to the mooring about just after 14.00 and headed home - but with accident on the roads didn't get back til 18.00+

loch Aline 22 Aug

Lazy Sunny morning had a wander around Tobermory before heading off at about 10.30 -11 for what was a great sail down to Aline. Tacking all the way so took a while but the sun was out and the sailing was good. Got to Aline about 16.00 - and ended up on the pontoon next to the same neighbours as Tobermory .

Dinnered on board with the chilli and then off to the working mens club :-) for a swift couple - all wanting a slight quieter night than the previous.

Outside the Working Mens Club - Aline

WiFi at Loch Aline

Weather picked up later that night having me out to reset and add to the springs as the boat had moved closer to the pontoon as the spring and stretched .

Friday, 21 August 2015

Tobermory with bros

Left Loch Chloire fro Tobermory in bleak conditions Motoring. However once around the corner into the Mull it started to improve. And we ended up with some reasonable sailing.  Grabbed ourselves a Berth, there were plenty available - seems the weather this summer has ended the season prematurely.

Drinks at Tobermory

Note the shorts ..

But evening was nice and bright - head over to the Mish Dish to Eat then into the Pub for a few end up playing pool for a chunk of the evening, and Owen and Aidan hooked up with some Navy Guys out sailing - bad news - shots were consumed . 

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Loch Chorie

Just looking for our pot if gold

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Sunset Loch Choire

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Saturday, 18 July 2015

17th July - Tobermory - Back to Mooring

Tobermory - Mooring - 26.5 miles

16th July - Rhum to Tobermory

Rhum - to Tobermory - 29 miles

15th July - Mallaig - to Loch Scavaig then Rhum

Mallaig - to Loch Scavaig - 18 miles -

Heading into Loch Scavaig

Taking the view Pete & Eric

Inside Loch Scavaig ( in the pool)

Loch Scavaig to Rhum  - 11.5 miles

Just Arrived at Rhum

G resting

Looking out of Rhum Anchorage

Next Morning at Rhum

Celebrating Eric's Birthday in style

Thursday, 16 July 2015

14th July - Change over day Mallaig

Headed off with Pam to Station for her 10 am train.  Before heading off to local Coop to load up with supply's

Dermot left behind on platform as Pam goes

Malliag Marine

Cleaned Grania

View From Train on way home

Gordon and boys Spied by Pam as they crossed platforms

July 13th - Armadale to Mallaig

Armadale to Mallaig - 4 miles

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July 12th - Arisaig to Armadale

Arisaig to Armdale - 13.5 miles


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July 11th - Arisaig - extra day


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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Friday 10th July - Salem to Arisaig

Salem to Arisaig 36 miles

Left Salem at 9:30am after strong winds last night and D periodically dashing on deck to strap down something else making a noise. Gusty winds and fog chased us down  loch Sunart. Headed for the Ardnamuchen point with tide with us   achieved up to 9knots at times.  Sea very squirmy - so Dermot wasn't allowed to leave the helm. Despite a full bladder :).

Only saw 5 other boats in the 6 hours it took us to get to Arisaig. Mind you it was foggy.  Pam eventually sailed when sea state and wind quitened down and Drmot was a happy man๐Ÿ˜ค

We anchored as no moorings available and eventually motored ashore in the dinghy to walk and find the train station.  Also found a bustling pub showing the Andy Murray match at Wimbledon.  Shame about the result.

Dinner was home cooked bolognese with locally sourced beef - very good.

Overnight lots of rain and D woke to check the anchor at 2am.  All ok.  Best sleep in days!!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Thursday 9th July - Tobermory to Salem

Changed gas bottles and bought milk and water before heading off to Salem. Motored briefly then sailed over in light winds and bright skies.
Pontoon booked at Salen.(£26)  Jan the owner helped us tie up. I went for a shower (£2) while D helped neighbouring boat.  Family of 5 with a lovely black lab called Otto.
Off to Salem hotel for dinner.

Wednesday 8th July - Tobermory

Most of this is covered by previous days comments. Photos at ached.

Tuesday 7th July - Puldoran to Tobermory

Puldoran - Tobermory - 26 miles

Arrived 10:30 at Tobermory and got a mooring near the pontoons. Went ashore for a gorgeous hot shower after a brief sleep. Cafe Fish all booked for tonight so booked for Wednesday night.
Visited Dermots favourite hardware shop and bought a few screws and a hot water bottle!!
Decided to buy food for dinner on board but had lunch at the pub next to the marina - wonderful scallops in garlic and side salad and D enjoyed his Guinness :-) sat in lovely sunshine. Dermot found the source of the leak and fixed it!!!!
Beautiful evening but winds changed to North /NE and all boats were getting tossed around and I was awoken at 2:30 by all the movement and noise.  Dermot rigged a bed for me in the centre which is supposedly more stable ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚but I did get a few hours sleep but was v glad to get off. We went for a walk to the smokehouse and explored the back lanes down to the marina.
Dinner at Cafe  Fish was brilliant.  Moules followed by sole stuffed with crab meat  and Halibut in lemon and caper butter followed by ice cream berries and chocolate  for me.๐Ÿ˜Ša swift drink at the Mish Nish completed the night.

Night of 6/7th July - Puldoran

This evening and night deserve their own entry. Variable strong winds and heavy rain proved that the leak over the pilot berth had not been fixed plus Grania was falling back on to the boat behind us.  This boat had re - anchored not long previously because he was not holding!!!
Fun and games - in the pouring rain Dermot pulled up and relaid the anchor  4 times and I was at the helm - at the last attempt it was getting dark and other boats were joining in the dance manoeuvring around the inlet.  In between times we were stripping the overhead panel off and trying to find the source of the leak
Dermot ended snoozing in the main cabin checking hourly on our position while I slept eventually in our bed.
Dermot woke me up at 6am and we motored off to Tobermory catching the tide - hitting 9 knots over the ground at one point!!!!

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Monday 6th July Port Appin to Puldoran

Leisurely start to the morning- no wind so motored to Puldoran. Hot and sunny, saw couple of porpoises.
Anchored up and weather turned wet. Took dinghy and then walked over the hill to Tigh an Truish. Lots of rain. Returned to Grania for the evening. Joined by 12 other yachts as winds became stronger and very flukey!!!!!

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Second day of Sailing Holiday

Spent last night at Letterfinlay hotel  having dropped off Owen with his car.  Now at Port Appin  having loaded up sorted out a few teething issues., beer and gin tonic in hand.. Fingers crossed, the leak has been fixed.☺  In the pier house to cough up £10 for the mooring and have a beer. Heading to Puldoran tomorrow or seil

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Sunny Oban June 20

Chilling out in Oban. Short trip today just keen to get on boat. Curry tonight Pam prepping as i type

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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Shake down sail 2015 -29th - 31st May

Got up Friday pm and stayed on the mooring after filling up with water. Saturday was nice with sunny weather motored down the eats side of Lismore  and sailed backup the west to Loch Choire where we end up being the only folk in.  Had a meal at the boathouse  -  as always very nice.

The only boat in the loch
Off to Boat house
Sailing Season underway!!
Head back early Sunday partly for weather and partly for Dermot not feeling great.