Sunday, 31 July 2011

Oban - to boat house - 22nd July

Lovely lazy morning in the sun. Well not that lazy I spent the morning scrubbing the decks and Pam sorting below out.  Gordon and Mary were joining us at 11.00, to head off to the boat house.  We pulled along side to top up with water and make life easier.
Grania Along side at Oban

Before heading off once all were on board. Dodged the Mull Ferry on the way out,
Mull Ferry

and motored over to Lismore light house with the wind on our nose. Once around that and heading up Loch Linnhe we got  the sails up for a while and had a lunch .. just a small affair !!!!!.
Lunch just like we always have !!!

Before eventually we decided we were'nt making much headway , on came motor.  Shortly after wards it start to miss fire.. oh no  :-(  it never died but i decided that there was no way I was going in to Loch Chorie and the Boathouse and get stuck there!!  So back to mooring. Long story short did a full fuel filter change ( which was probably over due)  and she now runs sweet. Went along to port Appin (by Car) for a meal, and another sunset. 

M & G in full control

The Crew
Port Appin Sunset

Stalker Castle Just round the corner from the boat