Sunday, 31 July 2011

Loch Melford to Oban via the Cuan sound 21st July

Lazy morning did not need to leave until 13.00 to catch the turn of the tide at the Cuan sound 3.5 miles away.  Went for a walk along the shore and enojoed the sun.  Was a bit worried starting the engine as the previous morning to took tow attempts to start, first time that had happened. But no worries she fired up first time. We pottered around to the Cuan Sound and went through ob the last of the ebb. Much better that being shoved through at  7 knots.

Out the other side Sun was still out bu the wind had gone Arrrg!  Motor sailed to Oban where we took a sailing club mooring as the Marine looked jam packed. Lazy evening reading and watching a glorious sunset.