Thursday, 9 July 2015

Night of 6/7th July - Puldoran

This evening and night deserve their own entry. Variable strong winds and heavy rain proved that the leak over the pilot berth had not been fixed plus Grania was falling back on to the boat behind us.  This boat had re - anchored not long previously because he was not holding!!!
Fun and games - in the pouring rain Dermot pulled up and relaid the anchor  4 times and I was at the helm - at the last attempt it was getting dark and other boats were joining in the dance manoeuvring around the inlet.  In between times we were stripping the overhead panel off and trying to find the source of the leak
Dermot ended snoozing in the main cabin checking hourly on our position while I slept eventually in our bed.
Dermot woke me up at 6am and we motored off to Tobermory catching the tide - hitting 9 knots over the ground at one point!!!!