Sunday, 17 April 2011

2011 Season Kicks off. 8th April

Another seasons starts with a great weekend. Dave (mate) lent me his spare van, which meant I was able to load ALL up for the boat and Gordon and Pete my generous crew, volunteered for another weekend of scrubbing painting, and abuse from me ( if they are to be believed :-) ) Considering I'd not been to the boat for months, our first day was brill all the big jobs done, including rigging boat sails etc.. Next day sun still out and we started on my 'list' ..sea cock lubrication ..exciting or what .. several hours later after cutting the boat up to reach a 'bugger' of a seacock that sheered off and had to be replaced and my arms being so bruised from working in a 10inch square hole that i'd looked like I had been abused! We rewarded ourselves with a Guinness at the wide-mouth frog pub. Next day we launched to be met with 36knots of wind and rain...Scotland for you !! And my boat now sits on mooring ready to go! Cheers G & P