Saturday, 24 July 2010

21st July Wednesday -Isle of Canna

What a night!!! From the wonderful previous evening, by 01.00am the weather turned quite nasty. Winds increased to force 6/7 with gusts of 34 knots (Gale 8). Got up at 02.30am to check boat was holding on it's anchor. It was, phew!! BUT it was not the same case for some others who, had started to drift and, boats were drifting about the anchorage trying to get their anchors back in. I decided to stay up on deck to keep an eye on things, as i didn't fancy  someone hitting us or us starting to drift. However my recently designed and purchased riding sail stopped the boat from yawing about and potentially, pulling the anchor up as it has the potential to do. Best spent money !  Morning came but the wind continued all day! But by now i was confident we weren't going any where.  That was until some boats arrived late after noon from the Clyde cruising club ( what they were doing out in that weather i don't know)  But with all the boats already in and the wind still blowing that had a night mare trying to anchor as the only spots left had a lot of weed, (not good for Anchoring)  Some were taking over an hour to anchor dropping and lifting the anchor several  times. One guy  was still at it 2.5 hours later and finally gave up and tied up the ferry terminal.  Another night was with me on anchor watch in case other drifted as by now i was more confident we were staying still. All was well !